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Hi, i'm Carol Barreiros, a 30-year-old copywriter from Belém living in São Paulo for the past 7 years.


People used to call me Krol insted of Carol because of my fotolog username. 


And now that i think about it, this is the most millennial thing ever. 


But that's also proof that i was born and raised on the internet. That's why i've worked creating content for brands such as Burger King, Corona, Budweiser, Itaú, L'Occitane, Bradesco and Whirlpool for the past 10 years.

But i always felt the need to do something more. So i put together my passion for creating content with my childhood dream to be a MTV's VJ and started to create my own content as well.

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this is me presenting my Song of the Decade Award - 500 people voted for their favorites!

and here educating the young generation about pop music royalty

There was even a time when my two worlds collided and i made a sponsored content for a campaign i've created as a copywriter. Check it out!

my videos are my babies and you can check them here: 


hey, maybe we can grab a coffee and i can explain the story behind this username too.

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